Discover the Future of Plant Medicine with Plesio Health

Welcome to a new approach to health and wellness, where your personal needs guide your care. At Plesio Health, we believe in the power of plant medicine, enhanced through precise, personalized care plans developed by our team of registered nurses. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to The Plesio Personalized Plan – your pathway to optimized health.

Our team can also provide services in Mandarin and Spanish.

Personalized Care, Precision Dosing

The Plesio Personalized Plan combines the human touch with the latest technologies to promote positive plant medicine experiences – in other words, treatments that work!  First, one-on-one nursing ensures your needs are heard and most successfully met.  Then comes the technology: Plesio Precision Personalized Dosing finds the right products, dosing, and interventions to relieve your specific symptoms. No more guessing or relying on store employees for relief, this is evidence-based plant medicine with the potential for life changing outcomes.

Plesio Health is a proven platform for personalized, plant-based healthcare.

Our work is a Physician-Backed, Published, Peer-Reviewed, Proven, Personalized, Plant-Based Process.

We lift the veil & clear the air about plant-based medicines.

From one-time education options to dedicated multi-appointment support programs, we have a range of support available to suit your needs.

We can help with your Medical Cannabis Card.

We can provide assistance during any phase of the process of obtaining your card.

We raise awareness about the endocannabinoid system for clients and providers.

Choose a 1:1 appointment or book a tailored talk for your company, clinic, or group.

We raise awareness for botanical solutions and interactions.

Plant Medicine is a solution for a wide range of health conditions and concerns we are here to create, enable, and reveal receptive connections between plants and traditional healthcare.

Plant Medicine Powered By Nurses!

How can personalized plant medicine improve your well-being?


Experiencing abdominal pain for over 6 months when vaping medical cannabis. Followed Rebecca's recommendations and was surprised at the excellent results. First cannabis consultation that actually produced results. Can't recommend Rebecca's services more, excellent!
PW, 33
I recently suffered a pretty terrible accident that landed me in a nursing home for several months. Rebecca followed up with me, made recommendations for me to help manage the different kinds of healing I faced and the pains attendant to the injuries I sustained. I think, all in all, Rebecca and her remarkable knowledge of cannabis and how it interacts with our bodies' own internal cannabinoid system, is on the cutting of future healthcare that is humane and does not addict us to the myriad of opioids pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. She recommended an amazing cannabis softgel specifically designed for women and I feel clear-headed, with more energy and focus than I've felt for decades. Without an ounce of hesitation, I would recommend Rebecca. I would also especially recommend women consult with her as she truly understands how our bodies work and how cannabis products enhance those functions.
Sheilah, 66
Rebecca provided advocacy services for me and my granddaughter when she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Since Covid was in full swing and Rebecca couldn't visit the hospital, she would relay messages through me to my granddaughter and vice versa. She was instrumental in assisting us with interpreting the diagnosis and the Doctor's comments/instructions. Rebecca was incredibly responsive and provided the needed education and personal support to get us all through. The advocacy service we received was extremely helpful.
B.T., 80


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