On this snowy day with COVID cases on the rise (wastewater detection at the highest point since Jan 2022) – wanted to share two interesting studies on cannabis and COVID.

The first showed that cannabis users had better outcomes and lower mortality than non-users. They had lower rates of intubation, acute respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory failure, severe sepsis with multiorgan failure. Also – mortality was significantly reduced by about 50%! (The odds ratios ranged from 0.39-0.68 for these effects, for the stat nerds out there.)

Cannabis has been shown to potentially block viral entry into cells and reduces the amount of proinflammatory cytokines (signaling molecules that the body uses). This likely leads to a reduction in the “cytokine release syndrome” which is the severe pro-inflammatory state that likely leads to a lot of the bad outcomes and death from COVID.

The second looked at CBD and Remdesivir. So Remdesivir is the anti-viral drug that we use most often in the hospital for severe COVID infections (or patients admitted who are at risk of developing severe complications). It is metabolized by the liver after about 60 minutes. CBD slows down the metabolism and increased the half-life of the Remdesivir in the blood by 3-4 times. The authors concluded that giving CBD along with Remdesivir could prevent premature metabolism and allow for longer duration of the therapeutic drug in the system.


Cannabidiol Inhibits In Vitro Human Liver Microsomal Metabolism of Remdesivir

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