Cannabis has been shown to provide relief for over 40 diagnoses and symptoms, including chronic pain, anxiety, cancer-related symptoms, and multiple sclerosis, among others.

Yes! When used properly and with guidance from healthcare professionals, cannabis is generally considered safe for most patients. We will always prioritize patient safety.

Our nurses will be sure you understand all potential side effects or medication interactions, and educate you on the best way to avoid them.  The vast majority of our patients experience minimal side effects when using our guided approach to dosing.

Only with your permission. This provides you with the best continuity of care possible.


We’ve got you covered!  Choosing the right products can be overwhelming for both new and experienced cannabis users. 

We will make product suggestions based on your needs and symptoms, will help you obtain the products, and answer any questions you have to ensure a stress-free process. 

Our nurses provide individualized guidance to help patients choose the most appropriate products based on their specific symptoms and conditions. We also work with the top academic hospitals and doctors in the US to ensure our recommendations are based on the latest scientific research and evidence.

Our experienced nurses identify appropriate dosages. We also provide guidance on how to adjust your dosage as needed, based on your response to treatment and general lifestyle.  This ensures consistent relief and reduces the risk of side effects.

Yes! We also help you select specific modes of consumption and provide advice on timing, which side effects to watch for, and send a copy of your care plan to your medical team (with your consent).  

We have a pharmacist on our team to promote the highest level of safety.

Yes, cannabis can be used in conjunction with traditional medical treatments, as well as other integrative healthcare options. Our team can work with your healthcare provider to ensure safe and effective use of cannabis in conjunction with other treatments.

Most of our patients prefer virtual telehealth.

We also provide in-person visits to residential, assisted living, hospice, and other healthcare facilities.

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