Plesio Health is the only place to go for information dealing with pain relief using cannabis. I have erosive arthritis of the hands, which at times is extremely painful as the fingers swell and the bony areas disfigure. A cannabis balm/ointment reduces the pain along with a tincture. A five-star recommendation.
Very knowledgeable. Able to recommend cannabis products for my mother suffering from horrible cancer pain. Morphine can knock someone out, so by adding cannabis at the right time of day and the right dosage based on her other medications; my mom needed less morphine at the end of her battle. Rebecca also was able to tell you when to take the medication and how the cannabis worked with her prescription medication. She knew more about cannabis than mom's palliative care, oncologists, or primary care physician who recommended her to us.
Profoundly knowledgeable and a powerful resource for patients and healthcare providers alike.
Jean Lacy
Illinois Psychedelic Society
Rebecca’s approach of personalized and preventative medicine focuses on empowering and educating her patients to using lifestyle and plant medicine. Her focuses is on using cannabis as a substitute for opioids in chronic pain patients. One of the best cannabis nurses I know.
Luba Andrus, pharmacist
Cannabis advocate
I feel like a new person after three nights of using the gummies my nurse recommended. .I don't remember the last time I felt this well-rested.
I had problems with pain and sleep. I am finally sleeping after working with one of your nurses!
I had problems with pain and sleep. I am finally sleeping after working with one of your nurses!
After working with your nurses, my friend's mom had lucid moments for the first time in months, during the last few weeks before her death. My friend was so thankful as she was not sure that would never have happened.
Family Friend
You helped our family member with pain and improved the quality of his life during his last six months.
Family of TS
Experiencing abdominal pain for over 6 months when vaping medical cannabis. Followed Rebecca's recommendations and was surprised at the excellent results. First cannabis consultation that actually produced results. Can't recommend Rebecca's services more, excellent!
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